Amateur Clicks

Hi guys πŸ˜‚ So I know this just has cliche written all over it but then quarantime ( I just made that word up LOL ) made me ( someone who takes the worst of pics, ask around πŸ˜‚ ) also post photos πŸ˜‚ I am not calling this a photography page and all, just moments captured which made me happy πŸ™‚

Apdiye credits to the phone with the best camera πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Kabocha squash flowers πŸ™‚

some greens and dewdrops πŸ™‚

Greenhouse πŸ™‚

ladybug, sunshine and gardens πŸ™‚

Saratoga Park πŸ™‚

Bonny Doon Beach !!

Monday evening sunset and brinjal flower! πŸ™‚

August 13th, Thursday a very hot day that gave a brilliant sunset πŸ™‚

Pescadero Beach πŸ™‚

August 16th, more sunsets – really hot day again and apparently these are called Californian Skies ?!

After a long time, Halloween and Fall’20 collection! πŸ™‚

Long drives and radios



Hey you all! Well, it is July 22nd, almost 4 months since my last post and knee deep into quarantine days πŸ˜‚ When I did write my last post in March, I was definitely not expecting this extended lockdown and corona’s persistent presence during my next post too πŸ˜‚Β but looks like, even for someone like me who publishes something once in a blue moon, corona seems to stay way longer than that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So, I am making two posts today (yay πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Β ), the first one I just posted is more along the lines of the uncertainty, haze and the underlying mixed feelings of the past few months.

This post is more about the joys and the little moments that makes us all hold on more tighter ; )

Here goes the piece πŸ™‚


Of sunshine, smiles and the winds

The joy of riding, along the skies

Looking above, marveling

At the vastness, beauty and the peace within

No fear seems so big

No sadness that’s long lived

The long drives and the roads

Makes your heart, rewind and relax

There is special feeling of warmth

Quite unexplainable

Of nostalgia and good days

And laughter and heaviness

As the radio plays onΒ 

The songs bring in emotions

Words fail to explain

Makes your thoughts too heavy to hold on

But too hard to let goΒ 

Of voidness and silence



Do we even seek something

Is it just a cover to fill the voidness

Are we scared, frightenedΒ 

That we may have nothing to hold onto?
why does emptiness seem so dire

Why do we long for depth, for belonging

Maybe we can let go

And be empty, and void

Nothingness isn’t insignificant

In fact, its absence does mean something

Stay, a little longer

Hold on, a bit tighter

A whirlpool of emotions,

Uncertain reactions,

But stay, just a little longer

Smile, a little wider

As voidness seeps in,

And echos of darkness

Hold on, a bit tighter

Sunsets are beautiful, not only because of the shades, the hues and the changes

It rings of impermanence, change and the cycle

Everyday is a new painting,

The moments are short, yet so beautiful

It doesn’t last long, yet it isn’t the last

So just stay, a little longer

Hold on, a bit tighter



This too shall pass

Its March 19th 2020, and COVID-19 has us all making it the talk of the world, making us forget all things else and filling every moment of our lives with its fear, stress and numbers.

There are a million thoughts buzzing in my head. Random dots crying to be connected.

It’s been a rough year, but let us not give up on our hopes, strength and endurance. Together, we rise.


On some days, you feel scared, paranoid and fear

On others, you fear boredom, uncertainty and wasted timeΒ 

On few others, you feel useless, agitated and unable to help

But rememberΒ 

We are all in this together

Stay strong, stay positive

Stay responsible and stay indoors

It does drive us crazy, making us lose sanity

But remember, this does not make you weak

Or lose out on big moments

Endure the long hauls and boredoms

Endure the times of confinement

Remember the battle everyone is fighting.Β 

Use this time, to pause

To think and to reconsider

Make calls, share memories

Forget the bitterness

Start getting healthy and making cleaner habits

To live life to its fullest,Β 

A statement of much abstractness

Now at the actual gun point, what does it actually mean?

In this time where the entire world’s pace has slowed down, let us spread positivity,

Let us learn to pause,

To create art and spread love and kindness

Let us all be responsible,Β 

let us learn to be humble

Not just now but from now on

Let us smile and breatheΒ 

This too shall pass

The essence of love

A cup of coffee, against a magical sunset

A small skip and a hop on the way back home on a Friday night

The joy of connecting with an old friend

The memories that tumble along,

Making you feel happy and sad all at once,Β 

An emotion you quite can’t describe

And then there are those days,

Making hopes a distant reality,

Things so stark and bleak,

All roads, a dead end

What next, a looming fearΒ 

Or rather an unknown

But that’s the whole beauty,

The jigsaws, of feelings

Maybe the stark fear,

makes the sunset more magical

In the hope of trying to hold on

For the essence of love,

As much is in the shoulder of another

Is very much in your own feelings

That create jigsaws

Just to make you enjoy that song with a little twirl,

A little longer πŸ˜‰

Beauty in Simplicity



Experiencing a snowy, white winter filled with its Christmasy vibes for the first time, always has its own magic ❀ That too for someone coming all the way from South India xD And also, sunsets have never failed to amaze me. I try to click some amateur pics of them, attempt to write a few lines about them too, yet nothing can match the feeling of experiencing a sunset in solitude.That happiness and emotion can never be captured in its exactness. It is simply amazing, calming and makes you realize how beautiful nature is, no matter where you are. It never fails to surprise you every single day. It is indeed crazy how sunsets can “brighten” up your feelings instantly.

A small poem inspired by the sunsets experienced in Minnesota.

Withered leaves,
spiky trees,
pathways filled with expanse of snow

No complex designs or colorful blooms
everything so subtle, so simple, so plain

yet there lies a magic, a wondrous spell
as the sun sets and spreads its rays,
of pink, purple and shades of blue
seems to lit up the sky and our hearts too

The simplicity of the scenery,
the silhouette of trees and snowy ways
add aesthetic and beauty
and warmth to the cold, wintery days.


Painted atop, a marvel of a beauty,

Spraying shades of the heart’s emotions.

Lighting up burst of joy and also,

Sudden jolts of sorrow, as the memory

Comes gushing in, looking up at the shades,

Oh so magical, and pristine!!

The mind wanders and the heart aches

For the past memories and lingers

Over the good old days





Cliche Much ?

A melancholic mood,
An indecisive state of mind
An intriguing mind? Well, that’s quite absent
Dismayal and dismissals;
Forlorn thoughts that keep haunting you on.
A chaotic phase of unsurrending emotions
Words afloat, as mismatched pieces of a puzzle
Yet there lies a beauty in the madnesss
a sense of serenity amidst the chaos
for the saddest times
paints the poignant of poems.


drown not in the rush of things,
it’ll all be fine
for the good things often take time.
to smell the air of freedom, joy and love
there is no race to reach the end fast
for we all take different paths,
only to meet again at the other end
So breathe,
we all have our numbered days
yet infinity exists even in the tiniest of ways
So breathe,
knowing that we all have our own battles
But breathe,
For the greatest moments only seek
the bravest warriors
So breathe,
it’ll all be fine
for the good things often take time.

Interminable Joys :”)

Of sunsets and dewdrops;
of the smell of fresh rain
quenching earth’s thirst
of rainbows and butterflies;
of a million happy smiles exchanged
of the joy on a stranger’s face
of rooftops and candlelights
the sound of chirping birds
and the feel of gushing winds against
your open hair
a million moments,
a billion heartbeats
of happiness, warmth
and unexplainable ecstasy
yet all forsaken
for ephemeral sorrows

This existence is a speck amongst a billion
and in this speck, do we experience
interminable emotions
Irony though is, it’s all a part
of an ephemeral existence
so seize the moment of joy, let not
the sorrow, cease your experience
of these interminable joys
for dear heart,
what beauty is a sunset without varying shades of red, orange and more?